Our program provides doctoral students with the educational framework required to perform interdisciplinary research, and place their work in a larger life science context and in the general public’s perception of science. We do not only provide our students with a peer network and practical scientific training, but also offer the opportunity to actively participate in the international scientific community.

The IRTG students join researchers from quantitative and life sciences who take an integrated approach to understanding the gene regulatory code and altering its activity. Such interdisciplinary environments provide an excellent basis for scientific collaboration and creative problem solving. The IRTG is tailored to individual student needs through a flexible training curriculum that also ensures professional qualification in key areas.

The program targets highly mobile and motivated doctoral students who will be required to take an active part in two different research groups on either side of the Atlantic. Depending on the needs of the individual projects, the students will embed in laboratories at the partner institution for an extended period of time.

Diverse core activities and additional courses and seminars of the IRTG offer students state-of-the-art scientific knowledge in fast developing research fields and technologies. In parallel, individual student networks are strengthened by mandatory activities, such as participation in journal club, seminar series and group retreats.

The students receive credit points for their participation that are aligned with the standards of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

It is mandatory for each student to acquire 20 credit points (CP) during the three years of the graduate programme with mandatory and optional elements contributing to the curriculum:

  • Lectures, seminars & colloquia (7 CP) 
  • Scientific Communication  (6 CP)
  • Practical Courses (2 CP) 
  • Soft Skills (2 CP)





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